The greatest opportunities for the industry’s brightest talent

We want the industry’s best and brightest talent to call Point72 home – whether in the U.S., Asia-Pacific, or Europe. We look for smart, hard-working people, who want to excel and who have the highest ethical standards. We develop our colleagues through coaching and training to help them build long-term careers with us. We expect our employees to be problem-solvers, rigorous thinkers, and exemplary citizens.

Investment Professionals

Working at Cubist

Systematic Investing

We provide opportunities for innovative researchers and developers to conduct cutting-edge research on the dynamics of global financial markets.

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Working at Point72

Discretionary Investing

Our state-of-the-art platform offers talented investment professionals increasing responsibility and opportunity to make significant investment decisions.

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Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence helps Point72 navigate an investment world where success depends on the quality of the research. Whether it is gaining access to corporate thought leaders, analyzing supply chains, applying machine learning to alternative data, or blending all these signals with fundamental company analysis – we are inventing the future of finance.

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Investment Services

Our commitment to excellence goes far beyond the investment professionals on our trading floor. We have colleagues around the world that specialize in Data Science, Technology, Operations, Legal, Finance, and Compliance to help the Firm operate effectively and efficiently.

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Students & Recent Graduates

Point72 Academy

The Academy is a very selective and rigorous training program that develops undergrads straight out of college into highly-skilled investors on an accelerated timeline.

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Investment Services Internships

College students and recent graduates get to work with and learn from leaders in their respective fields, honing their craft and developing the hard and soft skills they’ll need to succeed.

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Systematic Investing Internships

Cubist creates bespoke internship opportunities for extremely bright students studying quantitative subjects that can augment Cubist’s systematic, computer-driven, trading strategies.

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Point72 Media

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