Point72 is PM-led, PM-founded, and committed to ethical performance—that’s why our PM tenure is double the industry average. Join us to build your business with access to unparalleled resources, a partner in risk, and a favorable payout curve.

Build your business

Hear from our team about the collegial culture, creative freedom, and opportunities for growth that keep our PMs here for the long-term.

Opportunity to prosper

We want every PM to experience a pattern of self-reinforcing success that leads to capital growth and a long, rewarding career.

“This is a place that we can build careers. This is a place you can build net worth. And it’s a place where most people would like to end their investing careers – not move on from here.”

J. Andrew McEntire

Global Head of Capital Markets

Led from the trading floor

Our business is founded on a deep understanding of risk-taking and an appreciation for creativity in investing. Steve Cohen continues to manage a book, every day, and our PMs help determine the Firm’s course and strategy.

“We have many competitive advantages that make us a great place for PMs, and the biggest of them is Steve sitting in the middle of the floor.”

Harry Schwefel

Co-Chief Investment Officer

Point72 LaunchPoint

Nearly a decade ago, we introduced our emerging manager program—now called Point72 LaunchPoint—to provide PMs with the time, support, and mentorship to launch their businesses. Today, more than half of our Long/Short PMs have gone through the program, it’s a track record of development no Firm can match.

Point72 Academy

Investing in great PM teams means investing in great analyst talent. Point72 Academy is our industry-leading analyst training program, combining classroom and hands-on training to provide an immersive education in research, modeling, and idea generation to prepare candidates for our platform.