Point72 has an extensive track record of providing premier opportunities to PhDs in STEM fields. We offer you the chance to take iterative and experimental approaches to problems in a fast-moving, collaborative environment where your achievements will be noticed. We provide the resources of a leading global hedge fund in a flat, nimble culture where many of your peers and leaders also possess advanced degrees.

What We Do

Point72 manages billions of dollars on behalf of institutions, individuals, and endowments. We utilize non-correlated strategies and a variety of techniques in our efforts to generate returns, including research, statistics, AI, machine learning, cognitive science, and a variety of applied mathematics.

Our mission is to be the industry’s premier asset management firm through delivering superior risk-adjusted returns, adhering to the highest ethical standards, and offering the greatest opportunities to the industry’s brightest talent.


Opportunities in Systematic Investing

Our systematic investing business began in 1994. Today, Cubist Systematic Strategies has teams around the globe building the next generation of algorithmic investment strategies.

Meaningful Challenges

The complexity and real-time feedback of global financial markets are rife with opportunity. We are experimental and iterative in our approach to generating predictive insights and taking risk, with a scoreboard that moves in dollars and cents.

“Coming from an academic background, the thing that really matters as a researcher is to work on open-ended problems. Every day you're trying to solve a puzzle and, besides the satisfaction you get in solving it, the result is very tangible and immediate.”

Kartikey Asthana, PhD

Research Analyst, Cubist

Invested in Innovation

Continuous investment in talent and tools is fundamental to our efforts to generate returns. We offer our PhDs an immersive education in finance, ongoing professional development, and the opportunity and support to take risk on new ideas.

Colin Rust

"Our work impacts the bottom line, so we aim to hire the best people and give them the best tools. That mindset, and the chance to learn from some of the smartest colleagues in the industry, sets us apart."

Colin Rust, PhD

Portfolio Manager, Cubist

Culture of Opportunity

We have a flat structure where achievements are recognized and your opportunity set has no bounds. We have a variety of paths for PhD talent and our leadership is experienced, credentialed, and dedicated to growth.

“We always encourage our people to innovate, to grow. We all challenge ourselves, 'Can we do better? Can we do more?' That's a big part of who we are.”

Hongfei Li, PhD

Head of Market Intelligence Data Analytics

Paths for PhDs at Point72

We have quantitative opportunities for PhDs across our Firm. Send us a note to learn what your career at Point72 career could look like.


Cubist is made up of discrete teams that design and implement systematic, computer-driven trading strategies to invest across multiple liquid asset classes.

Market Intelligence Data

Market Intelligence Data drives high quality fundamental research powered by advanced data analytics and quantitative methodologies to help inform investment decisions.