Market Intelligence conducts deep fundamental research and combines it with machine learning techniques, macro and sell-side research, and quantitative methodologies to give our investment teams new insights and products to generate alpha-producing ideas.

We’re looking for people who are always asking why?
Problem-solvers. Analytical thinkers. Innovators.

Transforming an industry

From data scientists to fundamental research analysts – we’re looking for intellectually curious people to help lead the transformation of our industry.


We offer you the opportunity to lead the disruption of an industry to a greater degree than most places in Silicon Valley – and we have the resources, data, and commitment to achieve it.

“Everything you do here will be the first time it’s ever been done and what we’re doing is definitely a game changer for the way people invest.”

Miguel Vargas

Data Analyst, Industrials


As you explore how data is revolutionizing the way people invest, you‘ll learn about new industries, find new approaches to analysis, and create solutions using new data from new sources.

“I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in 18 months. Not only is there the learning aspect which is amazing, but there’s also a real ownership of your work from the very beginning of your career here.” 

Hollis Hanley

Supply Chain Research Team Lead


We’re changing the way we make investment decisions, and every day you can see how your work helps our portfolio teams determine how they pick stocks.

“You can see your research play out, on a day-to-day basis with our portfolio management teams. You can see work that you did last week getting implemented the next week, and that can be really exciting.” 

Josh Elkin

Data Scientist

Play with petabytes of data

Our data scientists work with petabytes of data as challenging and complex as the capital markets themselves. We’re looking for talented people who can use AI/ML and quantitative approaches to discover unique insights that can be used to create exceptional returns.

Expand your horizons as a supply chain researcher

Every day, you’ll speak with private company executives and synthesize what you hear from them into reports that help inform the decisions of our investment professionals. You’ll never look at anything the same – from grocery stores to the price of gas.