Why we think Grace Hopper 2018 is the place to be.

The world’s largest gathering of women technologists kicks off on September 26 and we can’t wait to meet everyone and see everything.

Grace Hopper is like no other conference you’ve ever attended or contemplated.

The first thing that strikes you about Grace Hopper is how huge it is. Nothing can prepare you for it.

The scale is – really – unbelievable – like being in a massive music festival or a the world’s biggest university club fair. It’s a sea of people checking in. Last year’s event in Orlando had over 18,000 attendees, and if history is any indication, this year’s will be even bigger.

Nothing can prepare you for the breadth and scope of organizations represented – massive football fields of booths and exhibitions from some of the biggest names in tech and finance.

Just before the conference officially begins, there’s a countdown clock outside, and as it winds down you can feel the anticipation. When it strikes zero and the doors open, thousands of people run in and the energy and enthusiasm in the room is incredible.

The second thing about Grace Hopper is that, bar none, this is a premier opportunity for the next generation of women in STEM to connect with some of the most exciting companies in the world.

We’re thrilled thinking about all the fantastically talented people we’ll see, and honored to be a part of a celebration that is changing the face of technology. Grace Hopper is a terrific place for us to meet you and for you to meet us.

Point72 will be one of more than 400 companies looking to talk to you at GHC18 in Houston. We’re also hiring for full-time opportunities.

A career with Point72 is your opportunity to apply your curiosity, drive, and expertise to the world’s largest puzzle. We’re the global asset management firm that’s reinventing the future of finance by harnessing the amazing power of ML and AI to change how we use data to make predictions in the stock market.

We’re experimenting and discovering new ways to harness the power of open source solutions, and embracing enterprise agile methodology.

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