GHC18 is Changing the Face of Technology

We’re past the point where “tech” companies are the only ones driving innovation or relying on data to understand their business better than the competition.

Right now, a technology company can be just about anyone: video companies, retailers, insurance companies, banks, hedge funds.

Yes, hedge funds. Surprised you, didn’t we?

You probably think that a hedge fund person looks like JP Morgan – the man, not the bank. Or maybe the Monopoly guy. Or maybe even the Wolf of Wall Street (yikes).

Wrong, again. The truth is the hedge fund employee of today looks more and more like you.


Because technology is disrupting finance and how we do our jobs. It’s no longer one person staring at spread sheets, crunching numbers, making a call.

Now that same person is using AI, ML and vast seas of unstructured data to decide how and where to invest. That doesn’t happen without incredibly brilliant people building our tools and discovering new ways to see the world.

(We’re talking about you)

Being a step ahead isn’t just our mandate, it’s our mission. We call it Inventing the Future of Finance.

At last year’s GHC, women like you kept asking us what we meant by that.

The future of investing is tied to data driven research. We need to hire data scientists, engineers, and technologists because they help us answer the questions we need to answer: how do we know what companies will succeed? How do we know which companies won’t?

We take people who are intellectually curious, who are think critically, who can help us come up with the right answers that diverge from consensus – smart, independent thinkers – in a word, you.  Bringing together a diversity of perspectives from a diversity of people with a diversity of backgrounds is one of the best ways to come up with divergent views. It’s how you stand out from the crowd and avoid the herd.

We’ve started something new and exciting and you can have an extraordinary impact early in your career. You can make a difference. We’re using what you know for our invention.

We’ll give you the tools to succeed. We’ll support your development and education. We’ll put you in the room to collaborate with some of the smartest people you’ve ever met.

Most of all, we’ll innovate together. The status quo gets boring.