Our Firm is built on the core franchise of our Long/Short and Macro Discretionary investing teams. We offer you a defined career path and provide the professional development to help you succeed. Join us for a career at the forefront of investing.

Build Your Investing Career

We look for people with relentless curiosity to solve the mysteries of the markets. We offer you a career path, professional development, and unparalleled resources.

Career Path

We promote from within—many of our most successful PMs started as Analysts here. For Analysts who love generating great investment ideas, we offer opportunities to build a long-term career.

“I joined the Firm as an Analyst and worked my way up. I work on the same floor with six other Portfolio Managers that were Analysts when I was. It’s been a tremendous experience.”

Jon Thompson

Portfolio Manager

Professional Development

Our Investment Professional Development group is solely dedicated to helping our Analysts be the best at what they do. We provide customized programming, feedback, and data-driven insights to help you hone your skills and grow in your career.

“I’m amazed by the number of people here invested in my success. The Academy was an incredible start, and the support I’ve gotten from my PM and IPD have really helped me grow as an investor."

Morris Cohen

Analyst, 2017 Point72 Academy Associate


We give our Analysts the resources they need to do their best work. Our research and data products, corporate access team, and compliance department are world-class and built with Analyst success in mind.

“What sets Point72 apart from other places is the breadth of resources available, the amount of data we have on hand, and the number of people we have to support us—you have the opportunity to learn from people who are very, very focused on investing and trading, and really love doing it.” 

Tong Tong Xu


Point72 Analysts

Looking to start your investing career?

Point72 Academy is Inventing the Future of Finance by training undergraduates and recent grads to be the next generation of great investors. Immerse yourself in the markets. Learn and apply research fundamentals. Build your professional network. We offer you a path toward a successful career as a Point72 Analyst.

Point72 LaunchPoint

We are committed to offering a career path to our best talent. Our emerging manager program is designed to help entrepreneurial investment professionals build, launch, and scale their businesses, providing the foundation for a long-term career as a PM at Point72. Today, roughly half of PMs who have joined the program were internally promoted.