Cubist designs and implements systematic, computer-driven trading strategies based on rigorous research to invest across multiple liquid asset classes. Our Portfolio Manager teams around the world develop their investment theses from our unparalleled access to a wide range of publicly available data. Our colleagues come from other firms, related fields, and directly from academia. Whatever their backgrounds, Cubist professionals combine a passion for problem solving, strong technical skills, and the highest ethical standards.

Our team includes exceptional individuals who share intellectual curiosity, hands on coding skills, and a passion for excellence. Many are advanced degree holders (MS or PhD) in statistics, computer science, mathematics, physics, operations research, finance, or other quantitative disciplines. We also look for experienced developers with experience deploying systematic trading approaches across all liquid asset classes including equities, fixed income, FX and volatility instruments. Relevant programming experience includes C++, Java, C#, MATLAB, R, Q, Python, or Perl.

We find many of our candidates through internal referrals. If you know someone who works here – please reach out!

Discover something
no one else has

Join some of the investing world’s most talented research minds to attack complex unsolved problems. Deploy your insights immediately and get feedback from the market instantly.

Culture of Learning

In addition to doing our own novel research, we remain deeply connected to the broader academic and industrial research communities, attending and sponsoring many conferences. We also conduct in-house seminars with academic speakers doing path-breaking work in finance, statistics, and other disciplines.

Culture of learning featured employee

“Sometimes the mood in the office is like the mood you can find in a research lab – a lot of cooperation and sharing of ideas. Every day when we come to the office we learn something.”



Working with dedicated and capable (and nice) colleagues is essential to being able to move with speed and agility. We try to share wheels, not re-invent them, so individual discoveries can most quickly lead to products or process improvements that have quantifiable and verifiable results in the real world.

Teamwork featured employee

“A lot of the work I do is interacting with different teams and getting them to help me along the way of bringing something to life. I find it incredibly easy to get people to respond to the specific needs and to elicit change.”



With the world’s data at our fingertips, we pursue challenging problems with passion. We’re curious about how things work, and our exploration often leads to the discovery of patterns of behavior which can be translated into a practical trading strategy. Sometimes we just learn neat stuff.

Innovation featured employee

“You try to find something very subtle in the market which people haven’t noticed.  You are engrossed in trying to solve that puzzle.  That’s what drives me on a day-to-day basis.”


We’re hiring interns globally

Are you still pursuing a degree? We create internship opportunities for exceptional undergrad, Masters, and PhD students who have an interest in quantitative finance and a strong technical background. Internship opportunities are tailored to each individual and are available year-round in all our offices globally.