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The Point72 Academy offers opportunities for all levels of university talent to learn from and be coached by the best investment professionals at our firm. Your career path in the Academy can start as early as your first or second year in university.


Point72 Academy Summer Analyst Program

The Point72 Summer Analyst Program is a 10-week internship in which our Academy staff, investment professionals, and Academy graduates will teach, coach and guide you through an intense immersion in investing.

In addition to classroom training of basic skills, covering companies for earnings, and intensive financial modeling practice, you’ll get to live the life of an analyst, contribute to a portfolio team and apply your skills to real scenarios. True to Point72’s Mission and Values, we have a collegial atmosphere where you and your fellow Academy members work together and invest in each other’s success. If you successfully complete the Summer Analyst Program, we will give you first consideration for the post-graduate Point72 Academy Financial Analyst 12-month program.

Apply now for consideration for the program in the United States, Europe, or Asia.

Point72 Academy Full-Time Program

The Point72 Academy Financial Analyst Program is a 12-month program designed to transform recent college graduates into Point72 analysts. As a Point72 Academy Financial Analyst, you will spend more than 2500 hours learning to create and refine financial models, conduct primary research, prepare stock recommendations, effectively communicate your ideas, and other essential analyst skills. You’ll learn statistics, accounting, modeling, data analysis, coding, and more from Point72 professionals and other best-in-class experts. You’ll then apply the skills you develop in eight months of intensive training in real life situations as you rotate with up to three investing teams. After successful completion of the program, you will receive serious consideration for a promotion to a Research Analyst position on Point72’s platform. Apply now for the program in Asia.

Global Case Competition

The Point72 Global Case Competition gives you the chance to show just how good you really are. If you’re among the best eight teams, you’ll become a Point72 Global Case Competition Finalist, which will look pretty great on your resume.

2018 Global Case Competition registration opens Winter of 2018.

Point72 Academy Summit

The Point72 Academy Class of 2019 Summit is your invitation to an investment education. Whether you’re considering a career in investing, or simply enjoy performing research, we may have a spot for you – if you’re smart enough and good enough.

Apply to be one of a highly select group of undergraduates in a full day of learning at Point72’s office in Singapore, Hong Kong or Stamford, CT.

2018 Academy Summit applications open Winter of 2018.