Imagine a company that takes you on a year-long journey of learning and discovery, at the end of which you’ve become a highly-trained, deeply knowledgeable Research Analyst ready to contribute your research and ideas. That’s right – roughly ten months dedicated entirely to your development. That’s what the Point72 Academy can do for you – and it’s something no other Firm does. Are you ready to start your investing career?

Build your career at Point72

Get a head start on your career and build a strong foundation at Point72 on the way to becoming a great investor.

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Future of Finance Symposia

Our success depends on diversity of thought – and that can only be achieved if we attract people from diverse backgrounds to our Firm. We’re hosting daylong Future of Finance Symposia for students from groups historically underrepresented in finance. We’ll provide insights into who we are, what we do, and what a career with us offers. In addition to travel and lodging, we are awarding a $2,500 Point72 Future of Finance scholarship to each participant.

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Point72 Academy Stories

Students interested in investing careers who are graduating in Spring 2020 or Fall 2019 are invited to apply to our 10-week summer program that runs from June through August 2019 in our offices around the world. Listen to some of our Academy Summer Internship graduates share their experiences in last summer’s program.

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Join our portfolio competition

Point72 is inventing the future of finance, starting with how we recruit and train our investment professionals. We’re looking for talent in a new way by partnering with Tiingo to host simulated portfolio competitions. Every few months we give you the chance to show off your research skills and thought-provoking investing ideas – and potentially get an interview with us.

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An experience like no other

The Academy will help you think about the markets in a way you never have before. We’ll transform your passion for research and investing into the skills you need to excel as an Analyst at Point72.

Thrill of the puzzle

Investing is far more than spreadsheets and presentations. You have to solve the endlessly complex and ever-changing puzzle of the capital markets. We’ll teach you to do sophisticated research and generate investment ideas so you can begin to master the market.

“You’re so close to things that are happening in real time. You have the latest news, the latest updates, and with your finger on the pulse of the markets you can watch how it plays out in the world.”

Emily Man

2017 Academy Analyst, 2016 Academy Intern

Real work. Real learning

We won’t ask you to fetch coffee, or to stay up all night making slide decks. As an Academy Analyst, you will work on real investment teams and will be expected to contribute real ideas.

“From day one here, the time you spend researching companies all goes directly into making actual investments – and you get to see the payoff of hard work in your profit and loss. It’s very satisfying.”

John Esposito

Research Analyst, 2017 Academy Analyst

Accelerated career path

There’s no other program in the world like this. We offer dedicated training, mentorship, and unparalleled resources to transform you from a student to an investment professional in less than a year.

“Banking is usually a stepping-stone for people to come to a place like Point72. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to leap-frog that experience.”

Andrew Sheinfeld

2017 Academy Analyst, 2016 Academy Intern

Solving the world's largest puzzle

Being a Financial Analyst is sort of like being a detective. Learn from Point72 professionals what it's like to solve puzzles for a living.

Your career path at Point72

Starting with the Academy, we provide a clear career path. Your advancement is limited only by your drive and performance.